Spring Equinox Energy Clearing

Today felt different. As I drove around my neighborhood in Southern California I felt something HUGE starting up. Thunder clapped and voluptuous drops of rain fell from the sky.  I heard the voice of my Soul talking to me.  Mother Earth is going through one of the most significant Energy Clearings in thousands of years.  It is beginning today on the Spring Equinox.  This Clearing will cause significant clearings of energy in each living creature on Earth.  We have been programmed to live in a “dog eat dog” world and this is being cleared away.  This authentic upgrading is coming from the sub-atomic level, from the Core levels of Christ Consciousness.  Much of the New Age says to look to the Sun and the Galactic Center for photonic waves that will cause an Ascension Event.  This is a false event that the Matrix wishes to promote. It ain’t happening.  God is Within. The Universe is within. “The Cosmos sits on the head of a pin” ~ from the CD, WILDFLOWER by Sheryl Crow. As Earth clears, so shall we and this clearing will clear the amnesia that we have been suffering here on Earth. The true Awakening has begun. This is truly a moment for rejoicing. Everyone and everything we have each experienced has brought us to this point in our evolution. Let us be grateful for each and every being, situation and event we have experienced. Each experience has brought us collectively to this point in our time stream where we will be able to truly release negativity and rejoice in the immense beauty of our Souls.

Everyone and everything will lighten up.  I see this as  being incremental like the seasons changing gradually.  We will still be at different levels of evolvement but all will have been affected. This is the way of forgiveness and the healing touch of the Christ in all things.  The harshest of trauma will be gone.  We will see ourselves in each other.

The Phoenix is rising from the ashes of years of drought bringing a rain that truly cleanses away old, deluded attachments that no longer serve.  Much energy clearing begins today. We honor the old ways for bringing us to this point where our eyes are being opened to the truth within our Souls.  Let the old ways go.  Feel the giggle of rain drops sweep you into the joyful dance of this New World becoming.


Tesla’s 3-6-9 discovery

I had quite a few epiphanies while living near the Spanish Peaks.  As I was driving past a gas station I noticed gas was on sale for $3.69.  Well, I couldn’t shake the significance of those numbers. I said to myself, “there is significance here but what is it?”  I felt something truly big being represented by these numbers….almost like they are Source Portal numbers linked with the workings of the Universe.  Well, a little research, years later found this YouTube. After seeing this my daughter’s birthdate 9-9-1990 has new significance. My daughter, Lindy who has Down Syndrome has no concept of time, past or future.  She is always in the NOW and she is my teacher.  Enjoy the video and I will have more to say about 3,6,9 later.

Everything is conscious

I’m really starting to feel how alive and conscious everything is. Not just humans and more self-aware animals but plants, trees, pets, wild animals, insects, reptiles, rocks, earth, water, wind, air…..

I breathe in self aware molecules.  No snowflake is alike. No individual presentation of life is alike. No thought or feeling is alike. Each is fresh and different. The cells in our body are self-aware and aware of governing consciousness of the body.

Universal Consciousness….alive and knowing, changing and evolving because each of us contributes to it.

What gives me a lot of peace and relief is knowing that Source, God, the Universe knows me, the bigger me, better than I do myself.  The Universe has got things handled and knows exactly why everything happens the way it does in every situation in life.  And here we are, going, “oh what the heck just happened there”….or “shit, that wasn’t supposed to happen.”Approaching Wahatoya near La Veta, CO  “I’m in this wind tunnel of life, plastered up against some glass window and the pressure is just about to kill me”.  God is gone. We are just dust in the wind.  Nothing Matters.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.  We live in a contrasting dimension, a school where darkness ignites light.  The more we choose Joy, Reverence, Love and Forgiveness as our modus operandi, the more we can float above these situational comedies and tragedies.

We can choose better.  When shit hits the fan, don’t argue with the Universe, saying this ain’t supposed to be happening to me…..it is exactly what’s supposed to be happening to you to catapult you into the next stage of understanding and evolvement.

You are the cutest bit of individual consciousness and yes you are eternal but listen to your Soul….there’s a lot of guidance available to you from that wonderful Parent.

Don’t beat yourself up for spending decades arguing with the Universe.  I know I have.  I have wasted decades of my life holding onto situations that changed and morphed but I got caught up stuck in time trying to hold onto my version of things….

Let go and gallop freely into every change, step, event and embrace it!  Keep life an adventure and thank the Universe for everything that unfolds for you.

I know that the more that I choose joy, honesty, compassion and the risk of breathing fresh into every moment of life I will create new adventures aligned with the Heartbeat of my Soul.

Visiting the Wahatoya

Approaching Wahatoya near La Veta, COMy daughter and I spent a week from August 13 to the 20th within Wahatoya Country.  In July the Spring Creek Fire erupted causing evacuations, property, nature and animal loss.  In August the area had hail, rain and flooding.  Years ago when I lived there, the Inner Universe soul group I called the Chrystalenes downloaded info into me.  Basically telling me that physically we were to prepare for fire and flood and be mobile enough to find pockets of safety.  But more precisely that there would be pockets of safety everywhere and that all areas of the Earth would be affected.  There are no safe zones per se.  They asked me to keep my energy high and clean with forgiveness of self and others.  High Energy itself is safety.

I really loved my week with the Wahatoya.  Coming from L.A., the vibrant stillness was rejuvenating.  The Lion Light Tribe within Wahatoya roared as I came into their Source Portal and I roared back.  From the source portal of Wahatoya comes an unapologetic energy that is roaring out and around the Earth, stripping it of the shadows of deception, separation and cruelty.  Even if our flesh should burn off, our souls alight and dance like fireflies in a forested meadow at twilight.  Forgive, lighten up then play with abandon.

Humanity’s vibration is raising.  We are orbiting closer to Source.  There are many gurus out there that will devise ascension plans for humanity.  Avoid them.

” Give your Power away to no one, no thing, no idea, ideation, religion, organization “, ~the Chrystalenes~

no matter how juicy and gorgeous it may appear.

Love does not ask for your Power.

Honor your sovereignty.  Honor your connection with the One, the We, the All.

But do not Borg yourself out.

Only at the OverSoul level are we each other.

Let us love ourselves and each other without giving ourselves away.

The Light is peeping in

In 2005 I  lived within view of Wahatoya, Breasts of the World.  I received messages that fires and flood would dot the Earth as part of a cleansing of negative, disconnected energies.  The messages came from what I called, “The Chrystalene Collective”, an oversoul group consciousness of Source Being I also term “Loving Presence”.  Today in 2018, fires and floods have increased dramatically as this cleansing is in high gear now.  Fires and floods have broken out surrounding Wahatoya ( yet she is left unscathed).  Athens, Greece just lost 74 people to a devastating fire.  It’s happening all over the Earth.

I get this message to let go of the past.  Stay in the presence of Love.  Know that you are forgiven, forgive ALL others and know that ultimately there is no need for forgiveness in the first place.  Separation from Source or the darkness of negativity has been needed to search for the Hug of God.  The Hug of Source  is realized Love which only this polar plane can provide.  Our 3rd dimensional existence is certainly a great gift because Source is made REAL here.  The Hug of God can be felt!  Souls travel through this world to make Source REAL.  The suffering of this world catapults the evolvement of the Soul.

True peace and joy comes from being transformed by life’s experiences: the good, the bad and the ugly and everything in between.  These are the gifts of this world.  We are immortal Souls, much like Wahatoya, we cannot be destroyed, only lifted up as we return home to the love of Source.

“The darkness catalyzes the Light”, paraphrased from Karen Bishop.  This is the purpose of this realm and as we evolve through this realm and beyond we start reaching for Unity Consciousness, “We Consciousness”, never losing sovereign sense of the Unique Self but being able to dance with Other Selves, even beginning to realize at the highest realms that “We are each Other”.

The light is peeping in and transforming the negativity in each and every being, bar none.  Those that have enslaved and been enslaved are lightening up.  A New World is indeed emerging.  It seems very dark right now.  In fact it is said it is darkest before the dawn.  Every being is returning Home right now.  That is the promise from Source.

The Old Adage

” Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”.

Gee, what does that mean to me?  As I get my old, rusty, wisdom gears a runnin here, I believe this means that we have two minds, a Higher Mind and a Lower Mind.  The lower mind or Ego loves to make plans basically attached to the survival and comfort of the Self and those people the Ego Self cares about.  The Higher Mind which is basically couched in a non-physical perspective (the immortal Self) has a bigger agenda: to instruct its individuated expression to see the way It does: we are all connected and we must take care of each other for we are each other.  The Higher Mind wrote a script for the individuated Self to act out on the Earth Plane in order to evolve through learning certain lessons that grows spiritual wisdom and this script has a way of getting done come hell or high water, no matter how unpleasant and disturbing sometimes.  Everything does happen for a reason and they do happen to you especially while you are making your Disney, Rose-Garden plans.

Little me is sitting here now and Little me is trying to figure out how to remain calm and not afraid of the big waves that life on Earth can swamp me with. I think it is a moment to moment endeavor to stay in a neutral place of active meditation where I stay in the moment and remember to breathe, to reflect away from me old thoughts that come back to me that have been rationalized a million times but still have a way to haunt the daylights out of me.  I know life is short and I will be re-uniting as we all will, with my Higher Mind when my time here is finished.  So, meantime I will smell the roses and have gratitude for everyone and everything.  Thank you Life for reminding me that everything is meant to be.