I sense that Source, God, or the Creator Essence is simply “Loving Presence”.  If Loving Presence is the Heart then we are the Heartbeat.  We move, we breathe, we dance upon the Living Being known as Mother Earth.  What is the human really? May I dare say that we are majestic, spirit trees rooting deep into the wisdom of her soils?  Could our ancestors, our wisdom keepers have had a different blood coursing through their veins? Could that blood have been the colour of emerald green, so pure as to have never harboured the poison of fear, ego and judgement?


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My name is Sydney Lynn Haupert-Lok. My soul name is Yendys.  My website honors WAHATOYA, named by the Native Americans meaning “Breasts of the Earth”.  She is the Breasts of Mother Earth, located in South Central Colorado where I lived for nine years, from 2005 to 2013. Mother Earth rises up here in all her pristine presence and energy. People have tried to manipulate this presence but it cannot be labeled or misused. It will accept no definitions, interpretations, beliefs or projections.  Mother Earth is very much alive and thriving.  She teaches us to “walk in beauty” and can be heard very strongly here. We draw our sovereignty and strength from Her.  We are being asked to be Loving Presence. This is our Guide.

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