The Source Prayer

Our Beloved Source who art Within

Hallowed be thy Name

Thy Loving Presence Come

Thy Will be done

On Earth as it is Within

Forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those who trespass

against us as this frees us to know

there was nothing to forgive

in the first place

And lead us not into Ego

But deliver us from Amnesia

for thine is the Loving Presence

the Power and the Glory Forever

All is Well


~ Delivered from Source by Yendys, Sydney Lynn’s Soul~





How Do I find my Way?

“How do I find my Way?”  The Way already knows you.”  ~Selby Lee~

If you are looking for the way….your way in the World, STOP IT!


You simply summon it with your desire for it.  We have never had to find our way.

We have always been on our Way.  The Universe divinely orchestrates our paths and we

are never lost.  Even stumbling off our paths is part of our Way.  We can’t lose our Way

even if we wanted to.  I’m a little morose so let me indulge myself and pick a morose

example:  even if you are murdered or die of a disease, or are engulfed in an addiction,

you are not lost.  There is always

something to learn in all of life’s experiences, especially that we are strong, brave,

infinitely intelligent and loving and so capable of rising above our challenges, even if

those challenges appear to consume us.  Above all, We are

eternal beings having a human experience. The only constant in life

is change, so ride the wave.  We are free.  And we are never lost.


The Golden Bow

The Beacon of Love pulsing throughout creation
The Golden Rule in Motion
teaching us to treat others
the way we wish to be treated
balancing harsh opposites into
the Unity of Love

as we gently sway from side to side

flowing into the loving loops of Infinity

swinging back into the Center-pointe of our beings

the golden ribbon emerges from the heart forgiving ourselves

forgiving all others, releasing all obligation
setting us free to the wisdom that there was

nothing to forgive in the first place


Swaying from side to side, we let go of the lie of separation and fear.

 Let go of the anger that arose out of duality and contrast.

              Let go of the illusion of harm of self, harm of other and the effects of guilt, shame and not good enough

                                                   We  don’t have to play this game anymore.

We  are off the hook.

Heaven is within us NOW.

Not in the illusion of past or future.

                                                       Heaven is a state of being

and pulsing the Heart within you NOW.

We are always and forever connected to Source and each other.